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Netflix / Paramount TV : Maniac : Large-scale interactive prop design and animation programming for Netflix series / "Mainframe programmer" [php, arduino, fab]
Eye of The Pyramid Limited Edition : images : Ten custom-built amusement machines [pcb design, fab]
Texas Coastal Bend Collection : texascoastalbend.org : Technical Director : historical archive platform [php, sql, js, sphinx]


The Vessel : [video] : immersive installation for EAST Austin Studio Tour [arduino, fab]
UP and Laser Pong : www.clawfun.com : upcycled game platform [arduino]
Butterly Animation : www.butterflyanimation.com : api and gallery system for Flat Black Films' Nintendo 3DS animation app [php, sql, js]


eHire Solutions [private backend] : candidate hiring process system [php, sql, js, bootstrap]


16 Color for iPad [coming soon] : www.16color.com : iPad animation app [swift]
Wormhole Actualization Machine [WAM] : interactive amusement [arduino] : images | video
Eye of The Pyramid : interactive amusement [arduino] : images | video

2011 - 2012

Poppit! Sprint : Pogo.com / Facebook : puzzle game, lead engineer [as3]


QRANK : iPhone to Facebook App porting : social quiz app [as3, js]
Toon Fu [beta] : www.toonfu.com : web-based animation app [as3, php, sql, js]
MedEx : www.medexpsi.com : inventory management system [php, cms, sql, js]
Detour Filmproduction : www.easttexascasting.com : video upload / processing system for Bernie casting call [php, cms, sql, js]


Inchworm for Nintendo DS : http://www.inchwormanimation.com/ : community website for DSi app [php, sql, as3, js]
Love Is Respect Video Mashup : http://www.loveisrespect.org/mashup/make/ : video editing app [as3, php, sql, js]


Mikon Mixers : http://www.mikonmixers.com/ : sticker-sheet maker [php, sql, js, cms]
Customize Your Scion : http://www.blastro.com/streetfire/ : automotive painting app [php, shockwave


Mikons : http://www.mikons.com/ : online vector editor [php, sql, js, cms, shockwave]


MINI Custom Paint Shop : http://www.miniusa.com/crm/roofgenerator/ : paint app [shockwave]
The Decoder Ring : http://www.thedecoderring.com/ : portfolio management [php, sql, cms]
Lone Star Posters : http://www.lonestarposters.com/ : online poster shop [php, sql, cms]


MINI Cooper Roof Studio : http://www.roofstudio.com/ : painting app [shockwave]
Downtown Austin : http://www.downtownaustin.com/ : Downtown community site [php, sql, cms]


VoterVirgin : http://www.votervirgin.com/ : voter registration assistance[php, sql, cms]
Angie West Photography : http://www.angiewest.com/ : photography portfolio [php, sql, cms]
Jean Goehring : http://www.jeangoehring.com/ : artist portfolio [php, sql, cms]
Toyota Priustees : offline : T-shirt drawing competition [Pixeltees license]


Pixeltees : http://www.pixeltees.com/ : T-shirt drawing community + ecommerce [shockwave, perl, cms]
The N's Postermaker : http://www.the-n.com/ntv/realaccess/ : poster making tool[shockwave, php]


Tilemachine : http://www.tilemachine.com/ : low-res tesselated drawing [shockwave, perl]
The N's Avatar Iconizer [offline]: avatar bitmap converter + exporter [shockwave, php]
MADD's Face Graffiti Wall [offline]: community painting app [shockwave, php, cms]


The N's Animator [offline]: [16 Color license]


16 Color : http://www.16color.com/ : community animation app [design, shockwave, perl]


Web-a-Sketch [offline]: community drawing app [perl, html]


Past Work

Imports by Four Hands
web + cd-rom design and development

Noggin (Viacom)
produced "Noggimation Station"

perl development

The-N.com (Viacom)
"Agents of Infinity" drawing app

Simplified Telesys
cd-rom development

Rose X Media House
3D animation + sound design for digital movie "Strange Attractor"

2D + 3D animation for compaq, shockwave programming for frogdesign.com, cd-rom development

Studio Solutions
2D + 3D animation and design, system/network administration, web development

shockwave programming for Humancode.com
[2000 SXSW Web Award winner]

MC2 Advertising [now Cartis Group]
web development, 3D animation
[1999 Austin Gold Addy]
[1997 Austin Silver Addy]

Digital Stuff
2D + 3D animation, compositing, video editing, cd-rom development, system administrator

Netpage, Inc.
web design and coding

The Hendrix Group
web design and coding

Imperial Holly Sugar
web design and coding



2017 Two "Maker of Distinction" Awards: CLAW Amusement Technologies at Austin Maker Faire

2016 Staff Pick: CLAW Amusement Technologies at Austin Maker Faire

2006 MINI Roof Studio : 2006 Webby Nominee : Art Category
MINI Roof Studio : 2006 Webby Nominee : Automotive Category
MINI Roof Studio : 2006 International ANDY Awards : Silver for Automotive
MINI Roof Studio : 2005/2006 Gold ADDY (SF Bay Area): Interactive Media

2003 Pixeltees : Austin Chronicle's Best of Austin 2003

Pixeltees : SXSW Web Awards : Best Service

2002 SXSW2002 : Iron Webmaster Competition : The Cosmic Muffins win! Things got a little rough.

The Toonery:

SXSW Web Awards Finalist : Animation/Cartoon

2001 RES Magazine's RES 10/TEN TO WATCH IN 2001
"In 1999 Watts carved out 16Color.com, where fledgling animators can download a free user-friendly workshop software called 16 Color Studio..."

2000 16 Color :
2 SXSW Web Awards : Most Innovative Use of Medium and Best Community of Designers
Cool Site of the Night
USA Today Hot Site

1999 16 Color :
Shockwave Site of the Day
Yahoo's Cool Links + Daily Pick
Project Cool Sighting

Austin Gold Addy
: Best 3D Animation / Special Effects
MC2 / Balfour-Artcarved - "Virginia Tech 2000"

1997 Austin Silver Addy : Best 30-second spot under $5,000
MC2 / OnRamp Internet Access - "Birth of a Nation"

1996 Web-a-Sketch :
Point Communications Top 5%, Cool Site of the Nite, Spider's Pick of the Day, WinMagWeb Hotspot, Dynamite Site of the Nite, Yahoo's Picks of the Week, Kaleidoscope Cool Sites of the Month, Cybersite of the Week, USA Today Net Site of Note, Edmonton Journal Cool Web Site, Project Cool Sighting
Computerworld, December 16, 1996 - alt.cw
Wired, September 1996 - Net Surf
Internet Underground, June 1996 - WebGuide
The Net, May 1996 - Gaming Sites Extravaganza

1995 Houston World Film Fest : Children's Category 5th Place
Clean Air Commandos

1994 AVID International Competition Third Place
Digital Stuff - Getting Started With Powerbuilder

1993 Truevision International VideoGraphics Competition:
Student Still Image Runner-Up



2017 Make: Zine : May 18, 2017
The Good People of Maker Faire Austin 2017

Make: Zine : May 5, 2017
The Vision Gland Collective Is Bringing a Weird, Wonderful 12-Room Project to Maker Faire Austin

2014 BoingBoing : May 27, 2014
The Wormhole Actualization Machine featured article

2004 TechTV : February 2, 2004
Cat's Clicks : 4-minute feature on Pixeltees

2003 New York Times : November 13, 2002
"Hot Technology": featured Logitech IO 3D rendering.

2002 SXSW Tech Report : June 28, 2002
Talking Pixels with Alan Watts and Clay Ferguson

2001 Austin Chronicle : December 28, 2001
Graffiti on the Superhighway
"I used the mouse to draw on the canvas, deciding not to experiment with the painting options. After completing the first frame, I moved the frame dial to "2." An outline of the previous sketch remained, so I traced over it. I produced a 3-second matchstick cartoon titled "Old Man, Desperate for a Smoke."

Austin Chronicle
: April 13, 2001
"Geez, does this guy ever sleep?"

Austin Chronicle
: February 16, 2001
"The unstoppable Alan Watts (www.16color.com) has a new project in the works, but unlike the local animator's previous online outings, this one is less about animation per se than it is about the joy of making other people look silly."

Austin Chronicle
: January 26, 2001
"...the man behind the popular "animate it your own damn self!" site www.16color.com...."

2000 Austin Chronicle : August 18, 2000
Win, Lose or Draw
"What Watts' site offers, I found, is an incredibly user-friendly template for people interested in making short (15 seconds), Web-based animations. His press release says it best: "Alan Watts dreams of ways to help people procrastinate." You don't know the half of it. "

Adobe Magazine :
October 2, 2000
Hip 2 B Square
"Perhaps the most pixelated place online is 16 Color Cinema, an increasingly popular destination for lovers of lower resolutions."

KVUE-24 News :
August 2, 2000
"Click Here" feature

1999 Baltimore City Paper / Kansas City Pitch / Now Toronto: April 21, 1999
by Joab Jackson
"And 'this time,' he exults, 'they can't sue me!' "

Austin American-Statesman:
April 15, 1999
"Watts is an Internet gadfly extraordinaire, a Web designer with a knack for developing projects that seem to attract lawsuits"

1998 New York Times: June 15, 1998
Compressed Data
"Disputes over trademarks in cyberspace are common, but what sets Mr. Watts apart is his unwillingness to take the cash and run -- or at least find a new hobby"

1996 Wired 4.09: September 1996
Net Surf
"Hats off to the genius behind this site..."



2017 Ars Telematic interactive installation at Hirshhorn Museum's (DC) Sound Scene X
WAM and Laser Pong at Fantastic Arcade
Talk: "Eye of The Pyramid: From One to Ten" at Fantastic Arcade
CLAW Amusement Technologies at Austin Maker Faire 2017

2016 UP and Laser Pong at Juego Rancheros' pop-up arcade during EAST Austin Studio Tours
UP and Laser Pong at Fantastic Arcade
Talk: "Gaming Old Tech" at Fantastic Arcade
CLAW Amusement Technologies at Austin Maker Faire 2016

2015 Wormhole Actualization Machine [WAM] and Eye of The Pyramid at 2015 Austin Mini Maker Faire
Wormhole Actualization Machine [WAM] and Eye of The Pyramid at 2015 SXCreate : SXSW Austin, Texas.

2014 Wormhole Actualization Machine [WAM] at Fantastic Arcade 2014 : Austin, Texas.
Cyberpunk 2014 presented by EFF Austin : SXSW 2014, Austin, Texas.

Public Premiere of Wormhole Actualization Machine [WAM]

2013 LUCK Art Show at Northern-Southern : Austin, Texas.

Public Premiere of Eye Of The Pyramid

2006 GCC Government Organizations Quality Website Development Conference : Dubai, UAE.

Presentation: "Ensuring Quality in GCC Government Organizations Website Development Process"

2003 Barton Hills Elementary 4-6 grades : 6 45-minute "Animation Using 16 Color" classes.

SXSW2003 : Tradeshow : Pixeltees makes it's public debut.

2002 Austin Public Libraries : Wired for Youth Centers
2 1-week video game camps [Aquakid + Zombie High]

Summit for Youth Technology Leaders :Animation Using 16 Color Workshop. Awarded Best Conference Presentation

SIGGRAPH 2002 + SXSW : Digitex

SXSW2002 : Panel : Freelance Forum / Market Forces
SXSW2002 : Web Awards pre-show visualizations

Gallery Lombardi
: Electricity and Me, MD : video : "The Economy of Procrastination"

2001 "God Save The Pixel" and "Blood, Sweat and Pixels" : August 20, 2001
16 Color compilation movies shown at The Alamo Drafthouse

: Panel : Free Agent Nation: Bridge Over Troubled Waters?

Austin Public Libraries
: Wired for Youth Centers
3 2-hour animation classes

Austin Museum of Digital Art
: Digital Showcases
September 18, 2001 / March 13, 2001

1999 University of Texas : Lecture Series



April 1974 - present
University of Texas at Austin
Bachelors of Fine Arts - Studio Art
School of Fine Arts
August 1995 - December 1998
Syracuse University
School of Visual Arts
Computer Graphics

August 1992 - December 1994