Internet-based drawing community. Over 40,000 sketches were drawn via an excruciating slow process over a 4 year period until the site was struck down by that which gave it life.

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Internet Library of Law and Court Decisions: The Ohio Art Company, Inc. v. Alan Watts, et al.


1996  Point Communications Top 5%, Cool Site of the Nite, Spider's Pick of the Day, WinMagWeb Hotspot, Dynamite Site of the Nite, Yahoo's Picks of the Week, Kaleidoscope Cool Sites of the Month, Cybersite of the Week, USA Today Net Site of Note, Edmonton Journal Cool Web Site, Project Cool Sighting

2000  Austin Chronicle, "Win, Lose, or Draw 16 Color's Alan Watts Is Helping People Create or Procrastinate", August 18, 2000
"What Watts' site offers, I found, is an incredibly user-friendly template for people interested in making short (15 seconds), Web-based animations. His press release says it best: "Alan Watts dreams of ways to help people procrastinate." You don't know the half of it."

1999  Baltimore City Paper / Kansas City Pitch / Now Toronto, "Big biz rubs out Web-A-Sketch", by Joab Jackson, April 21, 1999
"And 'this time,' he exults, 'they can't sue me!'"

1999  Austin American-Statesman, "Watch your back! Lawyers might be drawn to your site", by Gregory Kallenberg, April 15, 1999
"Watts is an Internet gadfly extraordinaire, a Web designer with a knack for developing projects that seem to attract lawsuits"

1998  New York Times, Web Imitator Displeases Maker of Etch a Sketch, June 15, 1998
"Disputes over trademarks in cyberspace are common, but what sets Mr. Watts apart is his unwillingness to take the cash and run -- or at least find a new hobby"

1996  Wired 4.09, Net Surf, September 1996
"Web-a-Sketch's elegant design lets you submit your sketches to weekly and monthly contests in the Gallery. You can view past Galleries week by week - some of the submissions are not to be believed. Hats off to the genius behind this site"

1996  Computerworld, alt.cw, December 16, 1996
"Thought it was hard to draw with an Etch-a-Sketch? It's even hard to do on the World Wide Web, where Web-a-Sketch resides."

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