The Fling 'n Fetch

Gobi the golden retriever is a credit to his breed. He lives to fetch his toys (preferably 2 or 3 at a time) from as far into the woods as you can throw them. Again and again. In the interest of giving Gobi more of a challenge, and reducing the strain on shoulders and arms, Alan decided to build a catapult.

The Fling 'n FetchTM is built entirely of juniper saplings, cut and cleaned wicked fast by Alan's flying chainsaw and machete antics. Eric's mad multi-drill skillz fastened them all together. The catapult went from initial sketch through prototype, testing and revisions, to fully operational in about 7 hours (including pizza break). Gobi thought the process was pretty boring, but he seemed pleased with the results.

December 30, 2004

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building the Fling 'n Fetch

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really all you need is a bunch of juniper saplings, a drill and a box of long-ass screws
and a chainsaw.
Alan fits bolts into the stop bar thingy. The angle of the throwing arm and angle of release are adjustable.
Gobi was foreman. He kept us working, knowing it was all about flinging his toys as far as possible.
onward and upward
but the base is way too bendy.
Eric inspects the new braces for the base rails
yes, that's better.
about 18 ft tall